Under “Futures” you will find seasonal charts for the commodities markets divided into the headings metals, energy und farm products as well as for the financial markets – currencies, interest rates and indices.

The decision to trade the futures markets is often motivated by the leverage effect, which is based on the difference between margin payment and the number of contracts traded. Leverage however works in both directions, i.e. also against the position taken. Research shows that a majority of private investors loss money trading futures.  Professionals do not use the futures markets because of leverage, but rather because of other reasons such as market depth, low fees or simple diversification contingencies in both market directions.

Because of the leverage effect or respectively because of how it is dealt with, the futures markets repeatedly prove to be loss producing, in individual cases even ruinous. For that reason, please note our notices about risk, and also use external sources to continue informing, educating and training yourself thoroughly if you plan to become involved in the futures markets.

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