Spot markets are the most common. Trading in these is done at the cash price. Price relates to a consumer good or an investment that is immediately deliverable.

The reasons for seasonal patterns in the commodity markets are easily apparent. They range from harvest cycles and culturally motivated consumer habits to heating periods. But also in the financial markets there are good reasons for seasonal variations that can have a positive effect on investor attitudes, for instance window dressing by funds, calendar oriented payment flows or mood uplifts around the holidays.

Thus seasonal patterns occur both in the commodity markets; metals, energy, farm products, and in the financial markets; currencies and interest rates.

For deeper analysis of your own instruments of choice, I recommend Seasonax. It is a product to analyze seasonal trends in stocks, commodities, currencies and indices. Seasonax has been built based on the award-winning algorithms that I developed.

You will find the seasonal charts of indices under their own main heading. Spot market prices differ from those of the futures market, which explains why seasonal patterns in the futures markets are also different.

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